Seventeenth Century Republican Party In Power

There are moments in 21st century life for a person who is trapped in the United States of America when one is left wondering how he got trapped in the past. I am often left with the feeling that we Americans in 2013 have been trapped in a time warp that left us stranded in the 17th century. How could men like Senator Cruz of Texas who graduated from Harvard with honors actually claim to be “educated?” They deny global change which some how is termed a “liberal idea” and argue the world is doing OK and just leave it alone. President Obama proposed to create an UNPAID position of “science laureate”of America who would travel around the country attempting to inspire children to become scientists. Republicans denounced this idea because it would lead to someone representing the American government who actually belives there is such a thing as “climate change!!”

The American Conservative Union(ACU) fears a scientist traveling the nation urging study of science is the first step toward the end of democracy in our fair land. Larry Hart of the ACU is worried that such a position is based on the concept that “science should serve political ends on such issues as climate change and regulation of greenhouse gases.”

It is now clear the Republican party of Teddy Roosevelt or Dwight Eisenhower who was the first president to push for science education has become the party of the Flintstones!