Sex Abuse And Catholic Church-What’s New?

Once again, another story about alleged sexual abuse in a Catholic organization, only this time the person identified as connected to the incident is a brother of the pope. Monsignor Ratzinger has agreed to testify about claims that a highly regarded choir he was involved with somehow is connected to incidents of sexual abuse. There are allegations that at least three schools in the Regensburg diocese in Bavaria were connected to sexual abuse. Ms. Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, a critic of the Catholic Church claims “in many schools there was a wall of silence allowing for abuse and violence.” Franz Wittenbrink, a German composer who lived at one of the schools says the schools were run by “a sophisticated system of sadistic punishments in connection with sexual lust.”

The entire situation has to be addressed and perhaps it it time to rethink the entire concept of a celibate clergy. After all, this was not the norm in early Christianity.