Sex And Teaching-The Unspoken Story

After fifty years in teaching during which time I have worked with 12,000 teachers, the one topic that few in education will discuss relates to how teachers fantasize about sexual relations with their students. Every time I raise the topic in a class of teachers, there is silence and people shuffle their feet and heads go down. No one wants to admit that on occasion, they have thought about certain students in sexual ways. I once interviewed 50 secondary teachers about stress in the workplace and seven admitted to having sexual relations with a student. If a teacher in her/his twenties is teaching a high school class, male students in the class are sexually active and female students could just as readily be of age to date the male teacher. After all, many men date women who are five to seven years younger than themselves. I urge teachers to admit to themselves about fantasy and admit they have passionate feeling for some students. The act of affirmation allows one to confront an issue from an honest position.

A twenty five year old female Physical Education teacher in NSW, Australia, was sentenced to two years in prison for having sex with a fifteen and a sixteen year old boy. She drank alcohol with them, send nude pictures of herself, and text messaged sexual invitations. At the trial, she blamed everything on drugs and alcohol. My experience suggests teachers fall in love with students, they want to have sex with them and it has nothing to do with alcohol or drugs. It is simply being normal. There is a difference between having normal feelings and emotions and acting upon them.