Sex Assaults Continue-In Military!

The United States military sends men and women off to war and does its best to provide those who serve every means of support–well, sort of. Latest reports indicate that one in four of female service members who are sent to Afghanistan report being sexually harassed at one point or another. Actually, of the 20,000 who have served in either Iraq or Afghanistan only 115 have filed a report about being sexually assaulted. This rather strange number can only  make sense if one recognizes that many women do not believe it is in their interests to file claims against fellow  members of the service.

Congressmen Jackie Speier believes the fault lies with those in charge of our military forces. “It comes down to the culture, it hasn’t been  changed no matter what the generals and secretaries of Defense say about zero tolerance.” They continue denying reality and they continue placing those  who serve at risk for their lives and emotional health. I believe we need a new culture.