Sex Education For Students

Many years ago a great American educator, John Dewey, argued the best form of learning was by hands on approaches. He argued one learns by doing much better than by listening. Over the years, the ideas of Dewey have increasingly been ignored by those who believe rote memory and testing are the ways to educate children. Along has come a female teacher, Ms. Carson Blanton, who seeks to educate children in a meaningful manner. She wants young boys to learn, to learn about their bodies, and, along the way to learn a few things about the female body functions. After all, the basic Conservative issue is the importance of family life. I assume Ms. Blanton is a dedicated member of the Tea Party and seeks to ensure her male students become decent Americans.

She decided to send pictures of herself removing garments and then dancing around in the nude. However, that was not enough for a young boy. She then depicted how one engages in sex and urged her male students to practice, practice in order to get an ‘A’ in the subject. For some strange reason, police are investigating this exercise in hands-on learning!