Sex Education War In Russia

In May, Russia signed the European Social Charter which provides that all nations will adhere to the concept of a “right to protection of health.” Most European nations interpret that statement to mean children will be provided information concerning health education. Russian education ignores issues dealing with sex education and the word “condom” doesn’t even appear in health books. Alexi Bobrik, of the Open Health Institute notes, “there is no sex education in the modern sense in Russia.” A parent protest already has formed in the country which claims sex education is a “looming evil.” A common view of anti-sex education advocates is that teaching children anything about the nature of sex destroys the romantic aspect of love in life.

Reality is Russia will not rush into any organized sex education for children given parental opposition and no support for such ventures from church groups. Most probably sex education will take small steps and hope the next generation will be more receptive– provided they don’t die from AIDS.