Got any plans for Valentine Day this year? Would you like to offer your loved one a unique experience in the far off land of Canada that can not be replicated in your own dreary little town? How about taking up the offer from Mildred’s Temple Kitchen restaurant which offers anyone use of their unisex bathroom facilities to facilitate a sexual encounter? Before such an encounter, take advantage of the aphrodisiac menu featuring such items as fresh oysters with t apioca pearls and Lady-And-The-Tramp spaghetti and meatballs, served from one plate!

Look, cynics, finally we have an offer that can not be refused by those who are lacking in spontaneity and need a shove in order to get their lower parts of the body functioning in high gear.

Naturally, forces of law and order are attempting to discover if there is any law forbidding sex in the bathroom. Is there in your town? Hey, is there in your house?? Come on, let it all hang out by hanging out at Mildred’s restaurant. I wonder if Arlo Guthrie can write a song about Mildred’s restaurant?