Sex On Ataturk Yacht

The world is experiencing an economic implosion so it should be appropriate for individuals to create business enterprises which generate jobs and income for a society. The yacht, Savarona, which once belonged to Kemal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey, has been transformed into a center of prostitution. Authorities arrested nine Ukranian and Russian women who were deported along with their children. There was nothing in any newspaper report about men who frequented the prostitutes being given a one way ticket out of the country. Prostitution is among the world’s oldest professions and it has constantly provided not only jobs for women–and men– but enabled many to get release from the pressures of modern life. For every prostitute who leaves Turkey the economy loses money, talent, and sources of revenue.

I am a supporter of any enterprise which offers free enterprise opportunities for people. If prostitution really was a danger, then how come the prostitutes in business who rob people of their money– and do NOT provide pleasure– are allowed to run free? One business prostitute robs people of a hundred times as much money as a hundred prostitutes.