Sex, Power, And Arrogance

The story of Dominique Strauss-Kahn continues with news that a French reporter has filed charges claiming he attempted to rape her during an interview. Tristane Banon asserts that DSK lured her to an empty apartment which was to be the setting of an interview only to grab at her bra and attempt to undo her jeans. The incident occurred several years ago and at the time, Ms. Banon was advised by family members not to press charges against a man who wielded enormous power as head of the International Monetary Fund. Naturally, the response of DSK to the threatened law suit was filing his own on grounds the woman had slandered his reputation. If one believes Ms. Banon both she and her assailant wound up on the floor during the struggle. Mr. Strauss-Kahn is not an isolate case in which a man who has power either attracts women or uses force to seduce them. Henry Kissinger, hardly a figure of glamor, was surrounded by beautiful women seeking to be in the presence of power.

Our societies preach the doctrine of sex and power. We offer women a brief opportunity to be with a man whose words can change nations and it is expected that females given this chance to touch the source of power will only be too glad to allow themselves to be touched by it. Frankly, we doubt if either the law suit or the slander suit will ever wind up in a French court. Both right now are trapped in the power of fame and media stories and people discussing their names. The sad aspect of this drama of sex is that DSK will go on and on attacking women and grabbing bras.