Sex Vs The Church-Who Blinks First?

In the world of Silvio Berlusconi, the only proper material to print about him deals with his love of the Italian people and the Catholic Church. However, when the editor of Italy’s main Catholic newspaper expressed misgivings about the prime minister’s alleged escapades with scantily clad women, the man who places his love of himself as a virtuous individual blew his stack. One of his newspapers branded the author of the story, Dino Boffo, to be a homosexual who was facing a law suit by the man he allegedly was in love with. Boffo, editor of the powerful “Avvenire,” newspaper of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, resigned under the brutal attack from the Berlusconi media empire.

Silvio’s strategy has always been to attack, not to defend. He currently is launching legal action against several European publications in order to silence their criticism of his behavior. There is now evidence of a growing breach between the Vatican and Berlusconi.

Frankly, we are not that concerned about what the Vatican or Berlusconi claim. We would like to hear from the scantily clad women what actually happened during their encounters with the he man of Italy.