Sexual Harassment Finally Punished In Egypt!

The first sexual harassment case in the history of Egyptian courts resulted in a landmark three year prison sentence being imposed on the accused. Sherief Gomas Gibrial, a driver, was sentenced to jail and fined in the first such sentence being imposed on any male who harassed a woman in Egypt. The verdict indicated Egypt’s courts are ready to crack down on sexual abuse on the streets of Cairo which result in women being groped, have their clothes torn, and forcibly kissed and fondled by strange men who assume a woman must accede to male desires. The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights said: “This sentence sends a message to all segments of Egyptian society that sexual harassment is a crime and will not be tolerated.”

The defendant, Noha Roushdy, was assaulted in broad daylight by Mr. Gibrial who got out of his car and fondled her before jumping back and drive away. Most bystanders yelled at Ms. Roushdy for wearing clothes that led to the assault. It is amazing that women in a Muslim society that constantly decries the excesses of Western society allows such behavior on the streets of Cairo.

  • Alcofribas

    Excellent! now, men, hopefully not only in Egypt, will think twice before they harass women sexually. Still, I think that three years of hard labor is too harsh a sentence. He should be let free one or two years earlier if he apologizes publicly and repeatedly to ALL women. Hard labor + public humiliation is the best deterrent.