Sexual Power Of Money!

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is an important man. He is head of the International Monetary Fund which is among the top money producing places in the world. When he speaks, he speaks to your pocket. When he demands, he can support any request with a few billion dollars, so pay attention. He not only has a record of monetary success, he has a record of seducing the wives of important people, but none of them, as of this date, has taken the guy to court. Strauss-Kahn was in New York, and stepped from the shower in his hotel room still naked as a child. By accident, the maid thought the room was empty and she was standing there somewhat embarrassed. Well, if you are king of the money mountain, what do you do in this awkward situation? Heck, I got money, so what else?

Strauss-Kahn ran to the woman, who turned to run only to be seized, shoved on a bed and raped. At some point in the rape, Strauss-Kahn finally realized he was not in France, so he completed his assault, grabbed some clothes and got the hell out of the place, tout suite. The police caught up with him on the plane at Kennedy airport and escorted him to jail.

OK, we have a reported rape. Imagine if he was a black skinned man or an immigrant from Mexico or Haiti. What exactly would be the sentence of the court? In this world, money counts, and we are willing to bet that Mr. Strauss-Kahn will not spend a day in jail.