Sexual Violence In Sweden

There are great expectations that as societies become more educated, deal with issues of poverty and develop school systems that can educate children for peace, the results would be manifested in the decline of certain crimes such as rape and sexual violence. However, even in a peaceful society such as Sweden which has not been engaged in large scale wars for over a century, the problem of sexual violence remains part of normal life.

A recent study of 2,000 Swedish girls and 1,000 boys revealed that one in three Swedish girls reported examples of harassment, threats and violence in the course of a single year. At least six percent were raped and their dignity as a human abused. Helena Blom, who helped develop the study noted: “girls are more exposed to sexual violence while boys are more exposed to physical violence.”

There is something sad about such studies in the year, 2009 when taken in nations that allegedly are peaceful in nature.