Shake Hand With Devil?

I frequently wonder how we Earth folk would explain our customs to a visitor from another planet. Some on this planet claim that God wants females to cover their head because He is upset at naked haired females. Some males want head covered and others don’t give a damn. Then, there are males who insist God demands that females have head covered but he doesn’t care if males do. I once worked at a college in which Orthodox Jewish females and fundamentalist Muslim females did not want a male to shake their hand, but it was OK if males shook my hand.

A recent case in Sweden resulted in a male seeking a position to be turned down because he refused to shake the hand of a female boss. He did win damages from the Swedish Equality Ombundsman. Oh, the Muslim male insisted that he could not shake the female’s hand unless he immediately washed his hands.

Oh well, I guess God will get a night’s sleep knowing there are folks down on Earth who do not cover their heads when showering or going to bed.

Now, you know why aliens do NOT come to planet Earth!