Shame Of Great Britain Sending Asylum Seekers To Death

Great Britain historically was a land of refuge for those fleeing persecution. Karl Marx spent most of his adult life in the safety of the United Kingdom. Adam Osman Mohammed, a refugee from Darfur, came to England in 2005 having fled the horror that was Darfur for those who were not Arabs. He told British investigators for the Home Office that if he returned to Darfur there was a strong likelihood he would be killed. But, this is modern day England whose Socialist government has forgotten what happened to Socialists in the good old days. Mohammed returned to Khartoum where he spent a few weeks and being assured it was safe headed back to Darfur. His cousin, Mohammed Elzaki Obuseka, chair of the Darfur union in the UK, tells the rest of the story. “the government security forces had followed him to another village, Calgoo, where his wife and child had sought help. They came to the village and targeted him. They shot him in front of his wife and child.”

Despite overwhelming evidence that returning to Darfur is dangerous for non-Arabs who become targets of the notorious janjaweed, the Home Office insists there is nothing to fear– except death, we assume. At least, there is nothing to fear for the Home Office. Shame on Great Britain. I guess if Karl Marx were alive today, he would be classified as a “terrorist” and returned to Germany.