Shame Of Republican Obstruction

Repuablican congressmen so enjoy blocking and hindering anything President Obama desires since to them the issue is ALWAYS–make Obama look bad in order to get votes in November. It appears education support services have been halted in some parts of Iraq due to suspension of funding that began on October 1. Education classes continue, but services that help with signing up for classes or dropping classes or taking required tests are not as readily available to those who serve in Iraq. Sgt. Ronald Pierce sent an email which places the issue in a clear perspective: “my soldiers who need (General Technical)score improvement classes are unable to receive this valuable training at this time. I am truly disappointed that we are not receiving the support we deserve.” Amen

There are 1.5 million men and women serving to defend this nation while the remaining 300,000,000 remain safe and secure in their homes. It is outrageous that our brave men and women who risk their lives are deprived of education. How about loud mouths Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck get upset at their party for being obstructionists?