There are occasions when one wonders if any member of the Republican party has concern for the people of America. A bill before Congress, the James Zadroga 9/11 Health And Compensation Act would provide medical care for those who risked their lives during 9/11 and wound up with serious long term illness. How could anyone with the slightest feeling of decency in his/her heart oppose providing health care to firemen, policemen, and hundreds of others who went into the dust and debris in search of victims? I forgot, this is modern America in which the Republican party is committed to a program based on, NO! No unemployment insurance to those without work, no health care to those without healthcare, and no support for job programs. But, to oppose a medical care program for 9/11 survivors is simply outrageous.

As of today, only Republican Mark Kirk of Illinois has joined the 58 Democratic senators who support the bill. Wyoming Republican Senator Mike Enzi is complaining the country has already helped those who risked, and anyway, he is worried about so-called survivors cheating the government. How does anyone who voted for these clowns look themselves in the mirror? Shame on anyone who voted Republican in the past election. In so doing, you have betrayed those who risked their lives!