Omar Khadr was a sixteen year old boy from Canada whose father dragged him off to Afghanistan in order to participate in madness of the Taliban regime. During the American invasion this boy was caught in a fight, wounded twice and then arrested on charges he had killed an American soldier. There are at least two eyewitnesses who claim the man who killed the American was shot to death. But, the American government will not give up on its quest to condemn a boy to jail. Witnesses at his trial say the boy was hooded, and handcuffed to his cell with his arms held high above his shoulders. A combat medic lifted the hood and found a terrified boy crying. Mr. M, the medic, says Omar was kind and polite and assisted him to communicate with other prisoners.

When will this travesty of justice end? When will the American government accept that bullying and torturing teen age boys violates every principle of humane justice? Where is President Obama, the former teacher of constitutional law?