Share Power Or Get Cut Loose World Tells Kenya Leader

World leaders hoped the efforts of Kofi Annan had been successful in bringing together leaders of Kenya’s two major parties in a coalition government that would unite the nation. However, the proposed coalition is apparently breaking down and Raila Odinga, head of the Orange Democratic Movement, is threatening to withdraw his party from the government unless there is a genuine sharing of power. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband told President Kibaki he must give some important cabinet positions to the opposition or there will not only be a collapse of the agreement, but chaos will engulf the nation and compel other nations to end all assistance to Kenya. Miliband said bluntly: “All sides must be prepared to make concessions to allow this to happen, includng President Kibaki’s supporters ceding some powerful portfolios.”

Secretary of State Rice chimed in with similar comments and urged Kibaki to share the portfolios with the ODM. She warned if the agreement was not carried out there would be serious consequences. The ambassadors of 12 nations urged both sides to make compromises for peace and stability in Kenya.

As president of the nation, Kibaki must take leadership in reaching out to his opponents and providing them important positions in government.