Sharia Law In Indonesia?

Bylaws for the area in Indonesia known as Aceh allow the imposition of Shariah law including stoning adulterers to death, 100 lashes for premarital sex and other violations of human rights. Jennie Bev, writing in the Jakarta Post raises the issue as to whether Indonesia, which is a more modern Isalmic nation, can accept a situation in which one area of the country functions under fundamentalist law. Failing to nullify such laws will result in “not only will pluralism be threatened, but it will engender an age of distrust and Indonesia will be thrust back into the Dark Ages.” She notes that Indonesia’s national laws include ratification of UN and other international laws which would not allow actions such as stoning people to death or imposing a lashing punishment.

If God is the ultimate source of compassion and love how can humans impose punishments for those who violate moral standards? It is one thing to arrest a person, place them on trial with all provisions in place for objectivity as against a group of men deciding what is or is not moral behavior.

Can a piece of the puzzle that is known as a nation have different laws and standards of morality than the rest of the country?