Sharia Law In Pakistan

Pakistan leaders signed agreements with the Taliban by which militant actions would end in the Swat valley in exchange for allowing the Taliban to impose their will on the area. Actually, the original agreement signed by the Taliban had them promise not to end education for girls, but that promise has already been broken as dozens of schools for girls are being destroyed. Now, sharia law has become the law of the valley and Islamic judges now decide cases. Of course, these actions violate Pakistan law, but apparently the government ha so little confidence in its own ability to control the Swat valley that is simply is going along with whatever the Taliban seek. A spokesperson for Taliban leaders said bluntly: “it is the result of a two-year struggle. We are thankful to Allah. Ou aim is to impose Allah’s system on Allah’s earth.” Of course, the system is being imposed by men, not god.

The Pakistan government says sharia law is allowed even as word came that over 200 schools have been destroyed by the Taliban. Pakistan lawyers who just exerted their power to restore to office, supreme court justice Iftikar Chaudhry may not like what is happening in the Swat valley since it goes against everything they represent. Will this lead to legal protests concerning sharia law? If sharia law is allowed it threatens the entire legal system of Pakistan.