Sharia Law Not OK In Bangladesh

In 2017, we will recall the 500 anniversary of the birth of Protestantism. It was five hundred years ago that European Christians battled and killed one another for at least a hundred years over the question of  religion. Although the wars ended, religious controversy continued for a few more hundred years and the Holocaust simply was the final end of killing people in Europe over religion. Oops, I forgot that  in the  1990s religious war in Serbia and Bosnia led to the death  of several thousand. So, is it shocking to learn religious conflict is alive and well in Bangladesh?

Islamist activists in Bangladesh want to impose Sharia law but the ruling Awami party does not want any part of  fostering religious hatred. Sharia law folk clashed with the government and fifteen died. Oh well, it took Europeans a  few hundred years to end religious disputes and, most probably, this attitude is still alive in areas of Europe. We can only welcome  Bangladesh to the  parade of hate.