Sharia Law Shared By Few Danes

A constant issue confronting secular societies in Europe or America is how best to respond to those in the Muslim faith who claim to represent the majority. A Danish Muslim organization known as “Call For Islam” is proposing the crazy idea of establishing “Sharia Zones” in Danish cities. In those areas, Muslims would be governed by Sharia law which means unelected clerics would decide issues of importance to Muslims in the area. Abu Ahmed, who belongs to the Muslim sect, Salafism, insists Muslims have a right to be under their own law rather than that of Denmark.

If we carry this concept to its logical conclusion, we could have a polygamy zone, a revenge zone in which you can kill anyone who has injured your feelings and how about drug zones. Major Muslim organizations in Denmark have denounced the idea and argue it simply represents what a small group desired. It is time to cease being intimidated by radical groups. They can always head to Saudi Arabia.