Sharia Law Shatters Gay Rights

Among the foundations of modern society is the concept of separation of state and religion. Why? Modern times are characterized by movement of people and creation of societies containing those of varied religious backgrounds. In ancient times it was more common to have societies in which the vast majority of people were of the same religion, but in a 21st century nation the range of people is from those who are fundamentalists to those who have abandoned religion. This diversity of membership makes imposition of ONE particular view divisive and dangerous. Nigeria just passed a Same Sex Prohibition Act which makes being a homosexual to be a crime. Mubarak Ibrahim was just convicted by a Sharia court of the crime of homosexuality and his punishment for sodomy was twenty lashes. He could have been stoned to death, but kind hearted Judge Nuhu Mohammed accepted the defendant’s “remorse” as providing the alternative of getting the hell of a lashing.

We are pleased to report the existence of a group in Nigeria which goes by the name of: Muslim Rights Concern” group which argues in support of the lashing because “the other war round as the practice of homosexuality or lesbianism is most capable of instigating widespread hatred and turning so city upside down.” If this is what passes for a “Rights” group, what does one call a group that hates homosexuals??