Sharif Files In Pakistan Supreme Court On Deportation

Former p;rime minister Nawaz Sharif filed a petition in the Pakistan Supreme Court challenging Musharraf’s order to have him deported. The Supreme Court had ruled he was allowed to return from exile, but as soon as Sharif touched ground, he was placed on a plane headed the other way. The Pakistan government claims they followed the court order by allowing him to return. Tariq Azim, spokesperson at the information ministry claimed: “No hindrance or obstacle was placed upon his entry into Pakistan.”

Musharraf continues to violate the spirit of constitutional government which only worsens conditions within his nation for peace and stability. He now faces a constitutional confrontation with the supreme court — one he lost the last time around. Pakistan lawyers around the nation are boycotting courts in protest against Musharraf’s actions. The bottom line is Musharraf fears the free will of the Pakistan people.