Sharon Killer–Wife Of George Killer?

George Bush, when governor of Texas never met a request for halting an execution that he could approve and frequently boasted that he never lost a moment of sleep over the thought an innocent person might be executed in his state. Judge Sharon Keller, a senior judge in Texas, refused to hear a last minute appeal from a prisoner facing execution on grounds that “we close at 5.” She is now being dubbed “Sharon Killer” by her opponents and is now facing a trial of alleged judicial misconduct. On September 25, 2007, convicted rapist and murderer, Michael Richard’s lawyer, who had been delayed by computer glitches, contacted her at 4:45 p.m. asking for a short delay in the execution until the Supreme Court ruled on an issue that might effect the case. She was home handling repairs to her home and responded, “we close at 5.”

Sharon Killer is probably the highest ranking judge in Texas history to face charges of misconduct because of her refusal to respond to a legitimate request. The sad aspect of this story is the inability of justice to place on trial former Governor George Bush for his lack of compassion and study of how DNA testing offers new data on crime. Oh, I forgot, he ran on a program of being a “compassionate Republican.” If Bush and Keller are “compassionate judges,” what are the nasty ones like?