Sheriff Arpaio, Schmuck Of Year!

Yes it is the season of Christmas, a time when good Christians and people of the world honor Jesus Christ, a man of peace and good will. But, in the state of Arizona resides a man named Joe Arpaio, a good “Christian” who believes women in prison for such heinous crimes as having some drugs in a car should be chained and sent out to work in the hot sun or in freezing weather. After all, wouldn’t Jesus have welcomed such treatment to women? Joe Arpaio, who heads police in Maricopa County in Arizona has instituted chaining of women and having them perform tasks such as burying the dead in pauper graves and cleaning wasteland, regardless of the weather. They sleep at night in surplus WWII army tents on the tarmac outside Estrella Jail. According to this “Christian” man: “if they do something wrong, they have to pay. It’s not a hotel. It’s not like the prisons in England. It’s almost like a college campus here.”

Who is this schmuck? Chaining women in the 21st century!! How about the Attorney General of the United States doing something about such treatment of humans?

Of course, I realize Joe has a direct line to Jesus Christ and this is what he was told by the son of God!

  • AZResident

    As someone who lives in sand land I can tell you this…

    That is the least of his offenses. He continues to rip off the county for millions and scoffs at any authority other than his own.

    But the “good” Christians of this county keep electing him. Maybe Jesus will come on May 12 and tell him to stop doing what he is doing.