Sheriff Costas Angers Foxes

Bob Costas is a sports commentator, a person whose job during the fall is to report on what happens during a football game. You know, men smashing into one another, men piling on a guy on the ground, men whose sole purpose in life is to smash the  body of another man. I guess one could say that Costas spends his days speaking about human violence. Unfortunately, his recent comments concerning violence in life angered the Fox Network.

They are furious that Costas gave a little speech about how America has fallen in love with gun violence. Where does he get off connecting the presence of guns with violence?? Guns do not kill people, people kill people, particularly if they have a gun in hand. Doesn’t Mr. Costas understand it is not the  territory of a sports commentator to mention guns in connection with people dying. People die every moment and guns have nothing to do with their demise.

A Fox commentator noted that crime has decreased even though there are 300,000,000 guns. Right, and crime got lower once Barack Obama became president. Elect Obama and reduce crime.