Sheriff Joe Ain’t No Law Man

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one tough hombre who has captured thousands of criminals without having to fire a shot. Once one of them bad guys hears that Sheriff Joe is on their trail they vamoose for the border and seek refuge in old Mexico. Of course, Sheriff Joe never actually goes after any criminal who is in possession  of a weapon of mass destruction, he prefers women and children and farmers who are seeking a new life in old America. So, if you are one of those desperadoes who is of Mexican heritage, you will be frisked and sent to jail if unable to produce any documents which prove that you were born in America, North America, that is.

Judge Murray Snow is not impressed with the police qualifications of Sheriff Joe.  He noted campaigns that result in halting thousands of people who are of Hispanic heritage are in “violation of either federal criminal law or of applicable state law.” In other words, Sheriff Joe is a criminal.