Sheriff Teacher In Action

Those who have served in the armed forces and have been engaged in combat know full well that at least 25% of men in a foxhole never use their weapons. A high percent of those engaged in fighting against an enemy simply freeze up  and are terrified. The state of Utah is providing training to teachers in how to fire a weapon in order to have those able to fire a gun ready to swing into action once a killer enters the school. Of course, arming teachers means that guns are now in a school. It means teachers, being human, might leave their gun in a place where students might gain access to them. It means a frightened teacher, if she ever used a gun, might fire it and wind up killing a child.

Just imagine, a frightened teacher with a gun, and a crazed student with a gun and they fire at one another. The end  result would be dead and wounded children and some would be murdered by a terrified teacher. Such are NRA follies!