She’s Three, So Show Off Boobs!

The American fascination with “beauty” apparently not only begins at birth but continues throughout formative years as parents seek to show the world their little three year old can shake her butt as good as any hooker on the streets. Wendy Dickey has aroused a furor due to not only entering little Paisley in a beauty contest, but dressing her like a little hooker and had the child strut across the stage. She was dressed in a skin tight mini-skirt with white halter and wore a platinum wig.

Thousands of emails has descended on the Georgia mom which apparently  do not regard her as a peach of a mom for subjecting the child to a contest in which her model was a street walker. Mrs. Dickey insists she takes Paisley to church every Sunday. I assume the child goes to church dressed in the skin tight mini-skirt.

Oh, the beauty contest appeared on The Learning Channel. I guess these days five year olds should know all about hookers, drugs, and whatever.