Shh, We Got Money For You

There is one certainty in America these days, whatever is absurd or silly is bound to seize the headlines of our wonderful media. Nearly a year has gone by and Republicans are still demanding to know, who knew, when did they know and what actually did they know about the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya. The great Libya story has yet to be told to the American public. Yes, over four thousand died in the war in Iraq. Has the Congress ever clearly been told who caused that war? Actually, NO. Have the American people witnessed punishment for those who led to a war about Saddam Hussein which had nothing to do whatsoever with the originators of the 9/11 attack? Actually, NO. OK, so four thousand plus died, we really don’t care insist the Republican party, but WHO killed Ambassador Stevens!! That is what we care about. There is now happy news for the Republican party and Fox News. The State Department is posting a $10,000,000 reward for any information that will lead to knowing who did the killing.

There is one tiny,tiny problem. The State Department really can’t tell anyone that such a reward exists. Magic Words of modern time: SECURITY. Just whisper the word and security is maintained and no one knows anything. Such is life in the year, 2013.