Shift Right Says Sarkozy!

President Nicolas Sarkozy came in second during initial votes for the new president of France. Opinion polls reveal he will lose in a race against Socialist Francois Hollande so the hyperactive Nicolas made the decision to appeal to every right wing racist idea in order to win. Marie Le Pen, head of the National Front got 17.9% of the vote and Nicolas is playing the race card in order to persuade right  wing bigots to vote for him. Sarkozy said he had “respect” for bigots and will “respond” to their desire to hate Muslims.

There are times in life when politicians do what is right, and there are times in life when Nicolas Sarkozy does what is “right” by playing for the “right” votes of those on the “right.” We can expect two weeks of non-stop hatred in France against Muslims. After all, if one wants to do the “right” thing that is needed to win, just play the “right card.”