Shirley Angle And Politics Of Incoherence

There is a storm brewing in America and it will hit next week when millions of angry people cast their votes for candidates supported by the Tea Party. Shirley Angle, most probably will be elected as a US Senator from the state of Nevada. She is campaigning on a program of ending social security, ending any health care plan, sending illegal immigrants back to where they came from, opposing abortion rights, and “reducing waste” in government and lowering taxes on the wealthy. Her ideas make absolutely no sense in the 21st century but, who cares, the important goal of Tea Party folk is ending Obama SOCIALISM which means any program that assists those who lack jobs. Ironically, those without jobs and those without health care want people in Congress who have absolutely no idea how to create jobs other than shouting, “reduce taxes.” A British correspondent who was visiting Nevada encountered a supporter of Angle, and although she does not have health care, told him: “to be honest, I have not been paying too much attention to the Obama-care thing. He doesn’t care about people like me. I have been concentrating on just getting those illegal people out of my country.”

The tragedy of this woman’s comment is that it reflects failure on the part of President Obama to clearly express to the American people what he has accomplished. He has sat in the White House and refused for 18 months to talk WITH AMERICANS in an honest fashion about what has been done in Congress. This woman wants illegal immigrants out. Fine. I assume she will then get a job picking strawberries. The rise of the Tea Party is partially due to failure at communication on the part of President Obama.