Shirley Angle, Picture Girl Of Tea Party Ignorance

It is the year, 2010 and we live in the twenty-first century. That is, most do, but there are millions like Shirley Angle who dwell in the land of fantasy in which just allow each person to handle his/her own affairs and the nation will be prosperous. She opposes abortion, social security, minimum wage laws, equal rights for women, and would abolish the Departments of Education, Transportation and anyone that deals with global change. The voters of Nevada are angry at high unemployment and they are angry at Senator Harry Reid for not ending it. Of course, they are not angry at George Bush policies which transformed a national debt of $5 trillion into a national debt of $11 Trillion. They are angry at Harry Reid for not balancing the budget, but not angry at George Bush who inherited a balanced budget from Bill Clinton that had a $200 billion surplus and transformed it into a budget which had a deficit of over $300 billion. It is Harry Reid’s fault. Of course, these same voters were for George Bush whose economic policies of cutting taxes on the wealthy led to high deficits.

If the voters of Nevada elect Shirley Angle as their US Senator they will go down in history as the dumbest Americans who ever lived. How about voting for a few clowns as members of your police department?