Shocking News–Russians Have Sex And Use Drugs!

In Putin Russia, the object of the government is to know exactly what is going on inside the ranks of opposition members because if Father Vladmir doesn’t know everything, people might wind up doing things that upset the public order. One of his spies, Ilya Yashin, infiltrated the ranks of opposition groups and shared with journalists the results of his spy activities. Mr. Yashin showed reporters examples of what he termed drinking, hooliganism and seduction of minors by those who profess to believe in democracy. Unlike Father Putin supporters, these hooligans drink alcohol, and have sex with girls. But, how can these so-called supporters of democracy explain away a video of a 14 year old girl using drugs or drinking alcohol? We all know there is not a single example in Putin Russia of one of his youthful supporters who has sex before the age of 21 and under no condition will any of them drink any alcohol!!

Spies in a democracy is what Putin believes is the right way to conduct politics. At least it allows him to recall his days in the KGB when public order was the best solution to all things. Of course, in his view, public order means agreeing with Father Putin. And, stay away from sex and drinking!