The world is experiencing a serious economic crisis, there are wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and many societies are grappling with serious social issues of aging. But, in Denmark, the nation was shocked to learn that a Muslim volunteer for the Home Guard went through the entire training course while wearing a headscarf! Maria Mawla was even featured in a photograph discussing the Home Guard, but unknown to the photographer, she was hiding her headscarf under the helmet. Members of parliament are insisting that since she violated Home Guard rules, this woman must be dismissed from the service. Ulrik Hragh, head of the Home Guard Committee in parliament said: “it was an error that the woman in question was allowed to conduct her courses wearing a headscarf.” He emphasized that regulations must be enforced for security reasons.

I am confused. Ms. Mawla completed her training course, she did what was required to secure a passing grade, but, the Home Guard is up in arms because she wore a headscarf. I suspect her ability to complete assignments and undergo all requirements while wearing a headscarf proves that wearing a headscarf has NOTHING TO DO WITH SUCCESS IN COMPLETING TASKS. If she encountered difficulty, it would be evidence wearing a headscarf got in the way of training.

This is simply a storm in a teacup.