Shoe Thrower Gets A Few Years

Iraqi courts have decided there is no legal justifiable right to throw one’s shoe at someone regardless of the provocation by the other individual. Muntadhar al-Zeidi has been convicted of the heinous crime of throwing his shoe at an important person who at the moment of the shoe’s flight was president of the United States of America. It is unclear if Mr. al-Zeidi would have been sent to jail for even a day if he had thrown his shoe at an al-Qaeda militant or his neighbor. Apparently, in Iraq there is no right to get angry and throw a shoe. Of course, Mr. Zeidi argued seeing George Bush awoke in him a natural urge to let it all hang out and just fling the shoe.

If there are reasons for justifiable homicide we believe there are occasions when the sight of George Bush allows a bit of justifiable anger and throwing a shoe that missed should not lead anyone to jail. How about a three week vacation in Disney World?