Shoot A Drone?

Our beloved Leader, Barack Obama wants to protect we Americans against “terrorist attacks” so what better way than to send drones  over our nation in order to shoot down non-existent Terrorist things in the air. In other words, the only threat to America from the air is from American things in the sky. The town of Deer Trail, Colorado has decided to do something about threats from the sky. It is offering to all residents the opportunity for $25 to obtain a license to shoot down any drone up in the sky. All one has to do to prove they are a good shot is to produce the fuselage of the tail of a downed drone.

As one resident noted, “we don’t want to become a surveillance society.”There are some restrictions on shooting down drones. One must use a 12 gauge shotgun and no one is allowed to use a plane for the shooting.

Makes sense to me.