Shoot Black Dude, Save Guns

My name is John Rifle and I was born in a Christian owned gun factory in Connecticut. I want to emphasize that since birth my heart and soul has been for Jesus Christ and the American way of life. I know there are peple who hate me, particularly this black skinned dude who was not even born in this blessed United States of America. He, along with other Socialist, Communist, Muslims want to take away my life in order to take away the rights of all God fearing decent Christian folk in this wonderful nation. I do acknowledge there are some  decent Jewish folk, but I sure wish they would accept our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Why do they hate me? I possess the power to protect the American people aganst the black booted military forces that seek to end our right to kill. If you take away my right to kill, what is left? An America without guns!! An America without guns like me is a weak America that will soon lose its basic rights. I am what protects the Bill of Rights. I am what protects your Second Amendment rights.

Just remember that this Christmas give a gun for Christ to all you love.