“Shoot Em Like Hogs”

Just when we thought American politicians had run out of creative ideas on how to handle issues and conflicts in our society, a young legislator from Kansas has come to the fore with new solutions to issues of illegal immigrants. Kansas Rep. Virgil Peck stepped up with a new idea concerning the presence of illegal immigrants. Listen to these words of wisdom from a man who stands out for his daring ideas. “Looks to me, if shooting these feral hogs works, we may have found a solution to our illegal illegal immigrant problem.” Another Republican legislator thought he was joking, but Virgil made clear: “I was just speaking like a southeast Kansas person.” One has to admit Virgil is an innovative thinker. One has to admit that Virgil not only speaks what is in his heart but the hearts of many other Americans.

God bless Virgil for revealing the true feelings of so many members of the Tea Party who lack the guts to tell it like it is! Who knows, perhaps America has finally found a man who can beat Barack Obama. The good news is Virgil was born in Kansas, not in Kenya.