Shoot Em Up USA!

It is increasingly clear there is a plot organized by the president of this country that aims to take away our 2nd Amendment gun rights in order to take the first step of disarming those who protect our fundamental rights and maintain law and order. Some group known as Moms Demand Action claims that six weeks into the new year there have been 13 shootings in schools and colleges. For some reason,these women, probably wealthy liberal people whose husbands work on Wall Street, believe 13 shootings in schools represents a bad number. They fail to recognize that without our right to carry a gun wherever we desire that number could be 100 or 1,000. The fact criminals know we carry around our weapons leads to FEWER GUN BLASTS IN SCHOOLS!

Do the math. There are 50,000,000 kids in elementary and secondary schools and another 15,000,000 in colleges so 13 shootings are nothing to worry about. Just think of all the jobs gun owners create in America? And, remember, for each person they kill, it opens up another job. Gun shooters are job creators. Support them.