Shoot First, Kill Now!

A group of Muslim insurgents from Mali attacked a gas facility in Algeria only to learn that disciples of the National Rifle Association inhabit this part of the world. In a dream come true for those who love guns, the Algerian armed forces responded to this attack by launching an attack upon the militants. Their slogan was: shoot first, shoot again and don’t stop shooting until everyone is dead!” The Algerian government does not believe in negotiating, in talk,  in anything other than kill everyone in sight because the only good insurgent is a dead one. During the battle about 23 hostages died along with 32 militants.

French President Francois Hollande joined in support of this operation-“there could be no negotiations with terrorists.” We suggest contacting the NRA and asking if their members would like to head to Algeria or to Mali so they can blast away to t heir heart’s content. Oh, their targets are not unarmed deer, their targets fire back!