Shoot, Just Shoot!

I am an inhabitant of the United States of America so I am an inhabitant of a society in which “reach for the gun” solves most problems. Let me make clear the job of being a police officer is difficult, it is all too often dangerous, but when one selects this job, then one is responsible for adhering to the law. A new video reveals the actions of officer Flores in an El Paso jail. The policeman is seen pushing and tugging a prisoner named Daniel Saenz, whose profession is that of a body builder.There is no doubt the prisoner is not cooperating, he is shouting, he is threatening, and he is tugging. The situation is very difficult, but the prisoner has his hands cuffed behind his body. Suddenly, officer Flores reaches for his weapon, and blasts away until the prisoner lies dead on the floor.

Officer Flores later argued that the prisoner was not being impacted by laser shots, and that he was physically a threat. Yes, a physical threat with both hands behind his body. Yes, he was strong. One would think that when in a prison other officers were available to assist. Oh well, the NRA will award officer Flores for doing his job with his beloved weapon of minor destruction–a gun. As far as the NRA is concerned, using a gun is akin to being in contact with God.