Shoot Non-Jews With Ray Guns

It was thanks to two Jews that Superman left the planet Kryton and came to Earth to end bad people like Hitler. Therefore it is not suprising that Jews are involved in a plan to zap bad Muslims with ray guns in order to protect the innocent and undefended state of Israel. Glendon Scott Crawford and Eric J. Feight approached Jewish organizations with a plan to develop technology that could secretly deliver damaging and even  lethel doses of radiation against bad Muslim folk. In fact, Crawford went to North Carolina in November to seek funds from the traditional friends of Jews-the Ku Klux Klan. For some reason the KKK turned on its Jewish allies and informed the FBI there were bad Jews who wanted to kill good Muslims.

In all honesty,there is no doubt Mr. Crawford did possess X-ray tubes. As to what this X ray system can do is still unclear. One theory is that the X-ray system is really designed to shoot down Superman and save the world from a cabal of Jewish rabbies bent on world control.

There are uncomfirmed reports Batman will soon be on the scene to save Gotham City from Jewish evil doers.