Shoot On Sight!

Clarksville High School has decided to protect its children against violence by arming 20 teachers and administrators with concealed guns. Each day about fifty million children enter schools and this is done about 180 times a year. Statistically, among the most safe places for a child is being in a school. At most in the entire history of America about 30 children die each year due to acts of violence and in most years the percent is even lower. Yes, children died in Connecticut, but that was a very unusual act. So, this school in Arkansas has decided to confront a non-existent problem by creating a problem. They have just informed every disturbed young boy or girl that teachers have guns. Guess what? Students now have an incentive to carry a gun because they know teachers have them.m

Has anyone considered the possibility that some teachers are also emotionally disturbed? This action creates a new scenario– an emotionally upset teacher burdened by the stress of teaching high school simply loses his cool. There is as much possibility of a teacher becoming the shooter as there arriving a shooter.

Who knows– is the shooter now in the school?