Shoot Out At Ho Corral?

Whenever a dictator leaves the scene due to illness or death, rumors begin circulating about death or  a coup to seize office. Last week, it was reported that  General Ri Yong Ho of the North Korean army had been relieved of duty by the new boy on the scene Kim Jong-Un, the son of Kim Ill -sung and the grandson, oh, what the heck, another Kim.  Latest stories coming from the isolated nation north of South Korea, claim that soldiers attempted to arrest General Ri Yong Ho and his bodyguard engaged in battle. Most probably Ri is now reposing up in the sky.

There are also reports that 30 North Korean officials who engaged in negotiation with South Korean officials have died due to automobile “accidents.” Frankly, no one knows what is happening way up north. I guess, only the Shadow knows.

I strongly advise any North Korean official not to get into a car.