Shoot Out At OK Hospital

Back in the old days of America when the nation was expanding into the West it was established practice for the local sheriff to FORCE men to check in their guns when in town. Of course, in those days there was no National Rifle Association to yell about CONSTITUTIONAL rights to carry my gun wherever I damn well please. These AMERICANS believed the Second Amendment referred to MILITIA, NOT TO INDIVIDUALS! In the city of Darby, Pennsylvania there is the Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital which contains many psychologists and health care workers. Patient Richard Potts was being escorted to see his doctor, Lee Silverman. As they entered the office of Dr. Lee Silverman, a psychologist, Mr. Potts, suddenly reached into his coat, pulled out a gun, and killed caseworker, Theresa Hunt. Within a moment, Dr. Silverman crouched behind his desk, reached up into a drawer and pulled out his gun. A gun battle ensued in which Mr. Potts was hit and fell down. Dr. Silverman was also wounded.

These days,due to our crazy ideas about guns, we cannot even forbid guns in hospitals for fear the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of Americans are being violated. I find it intriguing that Dr. Silverman now carries a weapon to kill along with his mind which is trained to save. Imagine a world in which doctors carry guns! What has happened to the sanity of Americans??