Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

The militarization of our nation’s police has resulted in some unusual and not so pleasant realities. Billions of dollars have been allocated to police forces based on the belief they must be armed and ready to go into action against terrorists with the most lethal possible weapons at their command. After all, the infamous Weapons of Mass Destruction from Iraq which never could fly more than several hundred miles were ready to be blown thousands due to evil winds under the control of al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups. So, it is not shocking, nor surprising when Miriam Carey and her one year old son were in a car she drove into a White House barrier resulted in dozens of police rushing to the scene of action prepared for action.

She drove the car into a barrier. She was suffering from severe depression. She attempted to drive her car away and was halted. When the Shoot-Out-At-The-White-House cafe ended, she had five bullet holes in HER BACK! I think Marshal Earp could have handled the situation with a single bullet.