Shoot Them, Back On Duty

There are moments when one is left wondering how and why decisions are made in police departments. Police officer Daniel Hernandez was on duty in Brooklyn when he had an altercation with a person, the actual events are not clear, but officer Hernandez wound up shooting and paralyzing an unarmed man. A judge in the New York City Police Department recommended that relieved from duty, I assume while the case is under investigation. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly placed him back on full duty-but without his weapon. I assume Kelly regards his decision as following in some sort of Solomon decision.

Yes, being a police officer in a large city results in tension during the day. Yes, decisions are made, sometimes on the spur of the moment. But, firing a weapon when there is no sign the suspected criminal has not revealed any weapon, is rash and demands suspension while the situation is under investigation. Firing a weapon is the LAST decision, not the first.